Aloo Tokris (potato baskets)

??????????Aloo tokri chaat is something I love and when it was my turn to give the club tea, I though of going in for this. Absolute gorgeous aloo tokris (potato baskets) were made but the problem was I couldn’t make them in advance. Recipes and cooks suggest that we can store them in airtight containers…I tired and tired again but without much success. Ended up making quiches. I love a quiche but usually avoid making them because I don’t like making pastry. Used aloo tokris for the pastry and voila, a quick delicious snack was ready for you and your friends!

Aloo Tokris (potato baskets):??????????

What you’ll need: potatoes, grater (with big holes), two sieves (one slightly bigger), newspapers, clean cotton cloth, wok and oil for frying. Grate potatoes (use the big holes of a grater) preferably directly into water. Spread a few sheets of newspaper, spread a clean dry cotton cloth on top. Squeeze the water out of the grated potatoes and spread it to dry for a couple of minutes. press on top with another cloth and dry well if you don’t want splatters on your hands and face.

Spread grated potatoes on the bigger sieve and press it down with the smaller sieve. Don’t make the layer very thin. Meanwhile, keep your wok (preferably a small one) filled wit??????????h oil hot and ready. carefully dip the sieves in it. (I’ve attached bamboo sticks to the sieves to make the handling easier!) Take it out, dip it in again. It usually gets done very quickly so keep checking. Once you see the layer cant come out, you can take away the upper sieve and fry the inside too for a quick while. Keep adjusting the temperature. Shouldn’t get too damn hot! 🙂

Remove from heat and carefully remove potato baskets from sieve and let cool. You can now use these lovely baskets to serve anything…A favourite Indian way is chaat. You can also use these to serve diced and flavoured fruits…anything!??????????


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