Gond ke Laddoo

Edible Gum or Gond

Gond ke Laddoo is a popular Indian sweet ball of wheat flour, clarified butter (ghee), dried fruits, sugar and edible gum called Gond. I love eating this during winters but have never known or cared to know how to make it. And then we had our annual Flower Show, and this year we had a category in the Home Produce section for Gond Ke Laddo. time to brush up my laddoo making skills, I said to myself and diligently set about the task.

First I turned to one of the food groups in Facebook that I am a member of and found a lovely recipe by a friend, Ajita Bhuyan. Ajita’s recipe was simple and nice to follow. I then went into youtube and found a lovely video by Nisha Madhulika. Instead of powdered sugar, she uses a sugar mix known as Tagar or Bura. I decided to mix the two recipes together and got a beautiful Gond ka Laddoo.

Here are the things you will need:
100 gm Gond
1 cup flour
1 cup tagar or bura
1/2 cup nuts
Ghee, according to your need (approx. 4-5 tbsp)


I fried the gond in 2 tbsp ghee. Gond will puff up in the oil. Don’t let it burn. Crush the god lightly with a rolling pin and keep aside. In the same ghee that’s left over, I fried chopped almonds and cashews and kept aside. In the same ghee again (you may need to add about 2 tbsps more), I roasted the wheat flour or atta. Keep stirring till the flour is brown and smells good. Take this off the stove and to this still warm atta, I now added the tagar or bura. Add the fried dry fruits and then mix and roll into laddoos..really yummy!!

Recipe for Tagar
In a wok, take 3 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Heat till dissolved and then let it boil till a thick syrup (about 3-4 strings) forms.


About 3 minutes or so before it gets to the thick syrup stage, add a spoonful of ghee. After it becomes a thick syrup, take it off the heat. Keep stirring and as the mixture get cool, you will see crystallization of the sugar again. when the entire mixture has crystallized, you have your bura or tagar ready. You can store this and use as and when needed. If it becomes stiff, just beat to in the mixie to make powder again.

tagar or bura


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