Lychee Kulfi

I am a part of food groups on Facebook and in one of them I came across a beautiful Lychee Kulfi recipe. Kulfi is you did not know is an Indian frozen desert, like an ice cream. the traditional flavours added to kulfi are: rose, pistachio, saffron, mango, cardamom and so on. But really you can add anything you want to. It is said to have originated during the Mughal reign.


In this particular kulfi, I have not used traditional molds and instead used a ring mold.


Lychees. A bowlful, deseeded. I don’t really have any exact measure for this. Maybe around 20.
Sweetened condensed or evaporated milk: 1 can
Thick dairy Cream: 250 ml
Gelatine: 3 tsp, dissolved in warm water.


Add Lychees, condensed milk and cream and blend together in a food processor. Let bits of lychee still be there.  Add the gelatin dissolved in warm water to this. It works well without the gelatine as well… you only have to finish it up faster before it melts! Pour the mixture into the mold and freeze for at least two hours. To remove from mold, just wash the outside of the mold with normal water. turn it onto a plate and you have a beautiful desert for warm afternoons.

Traditional Kulfi Molds



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